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Bridgewater Consultants, Inc.

We are a small software development company, founded in 1993 by two experts in mainframe database and 4GL development.  We have developed computer systems and delivered training for companies all over the world from an office in Poway, CA.
We currently do most of our development using open-source tools, such as Angularjs, GWT, Java, MySQL, Linux, PHP, and Drupal.  We find that open-source tools allow us to deliver reliable and maintainable solutions, while also delivering high performance at a reduced cost.
We have developed in-depth business expertise in union payroll, particularly for the entertainment industry, including hours to gross (HTG), gross to net (GTN), multi-state taxation, etc.  See our Recent Work page for examples of some of the work we have done in this area.  If you have a requirement for a custom payroll solution, please contact us.
We strongly believe in an Agile approach to software development, and in particular the use of the Scrum Framework - the two founders are both CSM and CSPO certified.

Bridgewater delivers software solutions with agility

This site uses our favorite CMS: Drupal.  We ran a number of static web sites in the mid-90s, and then developed some Drupal sites for our clients, and finally adopted Drupal for our own sites.
We've recently deployed a few new sites:

  • is a new startup by the lead developers here at Bridgewater. The mobile-friendly web site includes a free non-union timecard Hours-To-Gross (HTG) calculator.
  • which introduces a next-generation Hours-To-Gross (HTG) engine which can be licensed for use by payroll professionals. You can access the engine using a web timecard, by uploading/downloading excel files, or calling the engine as a REST web service from your payroll system.
  •, the support site for our new iPhone app - a quiz game to test your knowledge of the Scrum Framework, which is now available at the iTunes store.